3 Steps to a Sharp Short Game

If you struggle hitting your chip shots heavy and thin, try these three steps and you’ll be making better contact and getting it closer a lot more often!

1 – Ball Position

Many golfers have the ball too far back in their stance. This creates an unnecessary amount of shaft lean which can cause fat or thin shots! Try moving the ball to the middle of your stance and have the grip of the club in line with the front of the ball – this will make the club work much shallower at impact and give you a more consistent strike.

2 – Clubface

Open the clubface ever so slightly, particularly in wet conditions. This presents more bounce at impact and stops that sharp leading edge from sliding underneath the turf.

3 – Stance

Think finesse when chipping! Rather than having a big wide stance, bring your feet closer together and aim your feet slightly left – we need precision rather than power!