Become a Driving Force

Become a Driving Force

Follow these 4 set up points with your drive which will help to create a more upward angle of attack which is key! This will help launch the ball higher off the clubface at impact which will actually create less spin which will result in increased carry distance.

Fact vs Myths 

There is always a large debate as to what is the best way to increase driving distance and most of the time there is a large focus on club head speed. But here is an interesting fact; for every 1 mph increase in club head speed equals a 2 yards gain in carry. However, for every plus 1 degrees more upward in angle of attack equals 5 yards gain in carry!  So if you do not have time to hit the gym and bulk up why not try making your angle of attack more upward!

The average angle of attack for the Ladies European Tour is plus 3 degrees with an average carrying distance of 240 yards.

Rory Mcilroy’s average angle of attack is plus 2.5-3 degrees with an average carrying distance of 333 yards with driver – not bad!

How to achieve an upward angle of attack: