Discover La Finca
A truly fantastic golf course

Discover La Finca

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The La Finca golf course is set in a stunning location with a distinctive backdrop of the Callosa del Segura Mountains on show throughout. The La Finca is considered to be relatively young compared to the other golf courses in the area, however it is widely regarded as a truly fantastic golf course, among some of the best in the Costa Blanca. For an unforgettable round of golf across a beautiful landscape, the La Finca is an unbeatable choice for golfers in the Costa Blanca.

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Key holes at La Finca – all you need to know! An Insider’s view!

Hole 5: Par 5 / 535 metres / stroke index 5

A very long par five that runs downhill all the way to an Island green surrounded by water.
From this tee you have a breathtaking view of the Sierra de Callosa and the full length of this very demanding par five. Out to the far right there is a tall stone wall with large villa’s behind it, this is out of bounds. Both sides of this generous fairway are line with tree’s. From the tee all you want to do is hit the fairway so that you can then hit a well placed second shot down to about 130-140 metres short of the green.

Even from this distance its a very tricky third shot as the green is below you and you need to get the ball airborne so that it will stop when it lands on the putting surface. Your third shot into this long, wide green needs to be struck well and with confidence, if not splash your in the water. The best tip I can give you on your approach shot is to aim at the middle of the green and settle for two putts and a nice par 5.

Hole 7: Par 4  434 metres, stroke index 3

Now for a very long dogleg left to right and all uphill. With a more than generous fairway to aim at the best line from the tee is up the right hand side, which will give you the shortest line up to the green. For the big hitters out there the line from the tee is over the trees to your right with a nice draw this will cut about 50 metres of this hole,(Don’t take this line if its into the wind, as you will get stuck in the trees and thick rough). All players will be left with a rather long second shot up to this large impressive square green, (This is a Unique green in Europe).Its well worth going up to this green to see where the pin is cut because there is at least three clubs of difference from front to back edge. Most golfers come up short at this hole as its a much further carry than it looks. One thing to beware of is the spectacular L shaped bunker through the back of this green and out to the right hand side, its deep and there is a set of steps down into it. The green is relatively flat and slopes from back to front and a bad approach shot could leave you will a very long putt.

This is yet another memorable hole at La Finca.


Hole 17: par 4 – 323 metres, stroke index 2

This par four is probably one of the best golfing holes on any golf course around the globe. Not only is it a visual treat to look at from the tee but a real challenge for players of all levels, this just adds to the fun. From the tee there is a beautiful natural lake that stands between you the golfer and the green. This lake is both an obstacle to over come, and a shelter and habitat for hundreds of birds that use the reeds for nesting.

The best line if you can carry the ball 240 metres is straight at the green, this will give you a fantastic chance of an eagle or a birdie. For the mere mortals in life the line from the tee is out to the right of the lake with a long iron or rescue club, but don’t go to far right as there is a stream that runs out to the far right and it continues across the 18th fairway just within driving distance. This hole played in the conventional way plays as a dogleg right to left. Once at your tee shot and looking at the green you will see that there is one large bunker guarding the front right side of the green, and yes you must clear the lake to reach the putting surface.

This green is large and between the front edge of the green and the lake out to the left there is a long short cut grassy bank, so between the green and the grassy bank you have a very large area to land on and avoid the dreaded splash sound of your golf ball landing in the lake. One last thing there is a bank at the back of this green but trouble lurks beyond this point so don’t be long. Yet another tremendous golfing hole at La Finca.

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