Golf In The Workplace: A valuable addition to any staff benefit programme

Golf In The Workplace: A valuable addition to any staff benefit programme

By Mike Yorke, Founder, MY Golf Academy


It is widely acknowledged that healthy, happy employees take less sick days and are more productive. Studies show workplace health programmes can increase job satisfaction and reduce staff turnover by up to 25% cutting the costs of temporary staff, recruitment and retraining.

However you might be surprised to discover that golf is the ideal partner in delivering this outcome for local business and their valued employees.

Golf’s unique combination of exercise, sporting skill and social interaction make it the perfect tonic for good health and happiness.

It’s a great game whatever your age, background or ability and indeed is truly a game for life. But beyond a healthy dose of nature and fresh air, you might wonder how playing golf can deliver impressive health and wellbeing benefits for any workforce?

Here’s how….

  • You can burn well over 1000 calories when playing a round of golf, help combat stress and lower cholesterol
  • Enjoy the benefits of natural light from playing golf; exercising outside surrounded by nature boosts your physical and mental health
  • The combination of moderate exercise and swinging your clubs will get your blood pumping and trigger the release of natural mood enhancing chemicals called endorphins
  • Golf nurtures friendship and social ties that can help you feel happier and encourage teamwork in the workplace.
  • The game offers time for conversation and fun with a ready-made social life that can boost your wellbeing
  • Golf is unique in that it allows competitors of all ages and abilities to play alongside each other, making it a game that the whole family can enjoy

How MY Golf Academy Can Support Local Business

As a company dedicated to golf coaching, MY Golf Academy offers a truly comprehensive programme of instruction that is accessible to players at every stage of their development. We guarantee a friendly welcome from our team of consultant like coaches who will take great pride supporting golfers every step of the way.

With well-placed golf centres across Surrey and West Sussex, MY Golf Academy has an impressive geographic pull with some of the best facilities that can be found across the region.

Enhance your staff benefits with a FREE beginner course or hosted golf event

Golf was once regarded as a game for the elite in society but those days are long gone. MY Golf Academy is part of a national initiative, Get Into Golf, and can offer local businesses a free 4-week ‘Get Into Golf’ class or one off hosted coaching event organised at a time to suit – this can be pre, during or after work and weekends are possible too. Range balls will be required to be purchased but equipment can be supplied free of charge.

By organising a course such as this you can be sure of building stronger connections between team members and we can include access to our public bar and catering facilities too. MY Golf Academy operate a relaxed dress code and you can be sure of a friendly welcome at all our Academy centres.

Create a unique community event

MY Golf Academy is committed to supporting it’s local community, attending events such as Sparks in the Park organised by Horsham District Council, Children In Need ‘Drive, Dine and Disco’ with Chris Evans and Radio 2, the Manor Royal BID Christmas Event at Harwoods, Sky Sports ‘Game Changers’ with Di Dougherty and Darren Campbell, Muntham House 60th Anniversary Fair and many other school and business events. MY Golf Academy is also the creator of the pioneering ‘Fairways to Horsham’ primary school golf competition.

MY Golf has portable technology and even a pop up golf course that will ensure that visitors on the day have an experience to remember.

Bespoke golf events

MY Golf Academy is experienced in operating successful golf events across the region and indeed runs it’s own series of golf days and overseas golf schools. MY Golf Academy can support and advise businesses and organisations running their own golf society or event and with our trusted travel partners, Golf Escapes, we can even access venues worldwide at the most competitive rates.

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