Hit Your Irons Close

Hit Your Irons Close

The ability to strike crisp and accurate iron shots in the sure knowledge that you can pull your putter from your bag for your next shot is one of golf’s key ingredients for success.

However striking irons can often be a struggle with many impulses, which are contradictory.

For example, while we may know that we must hit down on the ball to gain trajectory many golfers already struggle with a lack of flight. The response for many is therefore to sit back on their right side and attempt to lift the ball especially with their longer irons. This creates a poor contact and so the cycle continues! Below are just a few key checkpoints that will support you in fizzing your irons like never before!

Ball Position

Whether you’re playing a sand wedge or 5 iron, I would always encourage the ball to be forward of centre, not in the centre! Golf Club Handle: make sure the handle of the golf club, combined with the correct ball position, is ahead of the golf ball slightly. Use a mirror to check your position – it WILL feel strange!!

Your Nose

Position your nose behind the golf ball, at address. This will feel like you are about to launch the ball in the air!

Ground Contact

Make a few rehearsal swings to make sure the contact with the ground is where the ball is. I suspect you’ll hit the ground too early, which is common. Practice the correct address and get used to the movement you have to make to achieve the correct ground contact.

These 4 principles will encourage more flight of the golf ball with all your irons whilst still keeping the necessary down strike.

Give it a try and I would love to hear your feedback and any questions you might have; send them to [email protected]