More Skill or Straighter – which would you choose?

More Skill or Straighter – which would you choose?

MY Golf Academy Coaching Team

Perhaps more than any other of the majors in golf, the Open Championship requires a player to be adaptable and versatile if they are to win this great championship, the combination of wind and rain along with hard, dry and undulating fairways means that players will need to be able to hit an array of different shots to control their ball.

Of course this is in stark contrast to the “I’m just trying to hit the ball straight” mentality of many club golfers up and down the country. This ‘straight’ mentality implies that the player wants no deliberate spin on the ball and this phenomenon is quite unique to golf. For example, how many passes are made in Premier League over a season with no spin on the ball one way or other? How many forehands are played at Wimbledon with no top or cut spin? And if we re-examined the World Snooker Championships this year how many shots are played with no top, back or side on the cue ball. The answer to all of these is very few! So the question remains, why do golfers persist with ‘straight’??


Perhaps the biggest influence toward the straight theory is simply the convention and culture of golf.

As a golfer do you believe that gaining a greater level of skill and the ability to shape and manoeuvre your ball would be of value when tackling any course? In fact would these golf skills be of more benefit than the skill of “just hitting it straight”? Undoubtedly the answer has to be YES more SKILL would support a better game and YES this shot making skill would be of greater benefit than “just hitting it straight”!

When you consider that golf courses are not sterile, flat environments with no wind but are in fact sloped, shaped and open to the elements it becomes clear that the skill of being able to control and move your ball around the course is crucial to any players’ success. So perhaps next time you visit the range to work on your game start to consider the skill of hitting the ball lower or higher? Play from some tricky lies or if you feel adventurous why not try to move the ball right to left or left to right? Can you just imagine the fun you could have practicing this way and the confidence you would enjoy from improving your shot making skills? And who knows, perhaps your game could turn a corner too!!

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