Myth Busters: Out with the old, in with the new!

Myth Busters: Out with the old, in with the new!

MY Golf Academy Coaching Team

So many golfers pass on age old clichés about playing the game to one another, have you been a victim of these timeless but chronic pieces of advice below?

  • Keep your head down – normally offered in response to someone topping the ball
  • Arms straight – one of the main reasons why golfers suffer from a loss of power
  • Turn as much as you can – suggested as a route of adding length to your shots

The list could go on and on, perhaps you could add a couple more?! Each of these statements are what we call ‘game wreckers’, not only are they untrue but they are very misleading! Even worse than working on one of these myths is to be working on two or more! If you are currently carrying around one of these ‘gems’ then please put it in the recycle bin of your mind and take an oath never to burden another golfer with it! Break free of these dated pre-conceptions of golf and you will instantly enjoy a better game.

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