Sustaining a future through your sport

Tactic Counsel works with athletes, teams, clubs and sports organisations providing them with all encompassing support in order to achieve their aims and objectives off the field, ultimately empowering them to sustain a future through their sport. Our mission is to be exemplary advisors to those in the business of sport. We enable our clients to create a bright future through highly effective planning and support in commercial, personal and financial services.



The Tactic Counsel philosophy is to work with each and every client as an individual. We work with them rather than for them so that they gain the maximum benefit from our services which are individually tailored to meet their required objectives. We are here to help them achieve and maintain success. We do this with an energetic and highly focused approach, identifying key opportunities and creating plans to deliver great results, considering the commercial environment, finance, wider industry implications, health and wellbeing. Our workshops are an excellent example of how we work with our clients to help them gain the tools required to succeed and provide reliable and effective information to those involved.


For further information please contact us on 01403 230751, email or follow us on our social media channels Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.