Perhaps it’s time to review your fundamentals instead?

Perhaps it’s time to review your fundamentals instead?

MY Golf Academy Coaching Team

The fundamentals of any sport are the keys to success. Whether you are watching Rory Mcllroy, Roger Federer or any other world-beater in sport, they have great fundamentals.

So what are the true fundamentals in golf?

In golf, the three most important of all the fundamentals are; Grip, Aim and Posture. There are a few more fundamentals we could draw attention to, but for the biggest impact to any golfers game, these would sit at the top of the list.

What do they control?

Grip controls the clubface during swing motion; Aim will get the ball closer to your target; Posture will make your body more athletic, generating increased club head speed and greater distance!! With better synergy of these three fundamentals, we guarantee you will play better golf.

A quick tip for your grip!

To ensure that you have got your grip on track, check to see that the ‘v’ created between thumb and forefinger on both hands is aligned to your right shoulder for right-handed golfers. If you are left-handed the ‘v’ should be pointing to your left shoulder.

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