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The MY Golf Academy Beginners Golf Experience is for those who have not played golf before but would like to get started, for those who have maybe dabbled with friends and family but are now keen to get into golf on the right footing, and for those who are looking to pick up their clubs again after a break.

Golf is a great game for everyone, no matter age, experience, fitness or skill level!

So, why golf?

It’s fun, gets you fit, reduces stress, offers full lungs of fresh air in health boosting natural sunlight, and the whole family can play.

Golf can take you away from the hassles of everyday life and focus your mind. So why not have a laugh with friends while making some new ones along the way. And with the famous 19th hole as the ideal place to enjoy a drink, discuss your game and plan your next outing, perhaps it’s time you gave golf a go!

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got 30 minutes or three hours to unwind, there’s a way to play which will suit you. From hitting 50 balls on the range, playing pitch and putt through to tackling a full size 18 hole course. So why not take the plunge and get golfing today.

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