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The MY Golf Academy Putting Studio

Featuring Quintic Ball Roll and SAM PuttLab, our Indoor Putting Studio is based at Horne Park Golf.

Make the most of what the studio has to offer with our comprehensive 60-minute putting assessment with Paul Williams, our dedicated putting coach. In this session, your current performance will be measured from both a technical and mindset standpoint. Discover why your success on the greens may be limited and how it can be significantly improved. You will leave this session with your model set up, your putter customised to your requirements and a solid foundation from which your putting skills can be developed.

Putter Customisation

Make sure your putter is good for you and your game!

Whether you are new to golf and looking to purchase your first putter or you are an established golfer keen to find out if your putter is performing as best it can, a visit to the studio is a must if you want to perform to your full potential.

Our fitting process will ensure your putter is set up to give you the best ball roll possible with a full customisation of length, loft, lie, grip size and weight. If you are in the market for a new putter, we have in stock all the latest models from Odyssey, Ping and TaylorMade and at market leading prices.

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    Launch Monitor Technology

    Launch monitor radar technology represents the modern face of coaching, capturing data that the naked eye can’t see or quantify.

    The clear and concise data taken will be interpreted by your PGA coach and will enable you to understand why changes are being made and how they feel and how they can benefit your game – this is evidence based learning.

    “What TrackMan tells me, is what feels square is square. The data means I have a pretty good relationship between what I feel I’m doing and what the club head is doing. TrackMan backs up the feeling.”

    Graeme McDowell, Major Winner & Tour Pro

    “I enjoy spending time on TrackMan because it’s almost a game but it gives me exact numbers. At the level that I’m playing golf, I need to be precise and that’s what this machine is.”

    Ian Poulter, Ryder Cup Hero & Tour Pro

    “Since having lessons with Paul, his simple and easy to understand approach has improved my confidence and game ten fold.”

    Teresa Turk

    “I can’t thank you enough for your help. I felt, at 79, it was too late to improve but you have proved I can as my short game has improved 100% as well as my putting. Your interesting lessons have given me the confidence and knowledge to make my golf much more enjoyable.”

    John Wickham