Individual Coaching – Your Personal Plan For Success

Individual golf coaching will address any element of your game. Whether you are new to golf or an advanced player we build a programme of coaching that suits you.

These game improvement lessons can be geared towards…

  • lowering your existing handicap
  • increasing your power off the tee
  • curing a long term problem such as slicing or topping the ball
  • becoming a more consistent player

Our coaches support you with the latest technology that will significantly improve your golf:

  • Video analysis: this enables you to see your swing and recognise the difference between FEEL from REAL
  • Trackman: this industry leading technology provides you with the most accurate feedback and data on your ball flight and club enabling you to fully understand your route to improvement
  • Quintic Ball Roll Analysis: our Putting Studio is at the forefront of putter coaching and putter customisation. It can transform your performances on the green

Best of all, when you book your first coaching session with MY Golf Academy you will receive additional time free of charge to make an immediate positive impact in your game.

Discover how we can improve your golf by calling 0333 577 2464 or by completing our contact form.