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Coaching Philosophy
My coaching philosophy is based around the premise that there is more than one way to create a golf swing! Everyone is built differently and anyone who has looked at golf swings, such as John Rahm and Rory McIlroy, knows how different they can look. However, the repetition of swing movements for them creates a solid impact position and this is key to producing the correct ball flight and ultimately the reason why they are so successful. My priority is to work with your swing on an individual basis, identify what you can do within the swing and highlight areas where improvements can be made to produce a more efficient and repeatable golf swing and a better impact area.

Why Book With Me
I specialise in all areas of the game and tailor golf lessons for all levels of players, from beginners through to the elite player, making your game as enjoyable and productive as possible. By working with me as a coach, I will use a combination of the modern Trackman technology and video evidence as well as my knowledge and experience within the game to create simple but effective swing adjustments for you to work on to make the necessary improvements to your game.


My priority is to work with your swing on an individual basis, identify what you can do within the swing and highlight areas where improvements can be made to produce a more efficient and repeatable golf swing and a better impact area.

Q: What year did you turn professional?
I turned professional in 1992 (qualified in 1997).

Q: What can a golfer expect from a lesson with you?
A lesson tailored to identify. I’ll explain any current swing issues, demonstrate and apply swing alterations to improve current performance levels, and set out the long-term objectives and goals for future success.

Q: What aspect of the game do you specialise in coaching?
I’m an all-rounder specialising in all aspects of the game. But if every par 3 was 100 yards long, I’d be difficult to beat!

Q: What was your greatest playing achievement?
My personal best playing performance was winning a south region tournament at Cowdray Park back in 2004. I put this at the top of my list of playing achievements as it was my first tournament which I played in after my Dad had died. It was a learning curve for me: how to draw strength from the emotional side of the mind and find the positives in any given situation.

Q: What technology do you use in your lessons and how do you believe it helps?
The technology I use includes the TrackMan performance studio for swing analysis, which provides detailed data reports. Additionally, I offer video analysis with swing progression improvements shown via WhatsApp.

Q: What three words would best describe you as a coach?
Friendly, knowledgeable and passionate.

Q: As a player, what weakness have you struggled with and what did you do to correct it?
My biggest weakness is that 5 years ago, I struggled with 6-foot putts not going in under pressure. For me, I reversed my hands to go left-hand low and shortened my putter to allow my arms to be fully extended. I also created a new pre-shot routine and worked hard at it.

Q: What would you say to a beginner who might be intimidated by / nervous of the idea of taking up golf as a sport?
To a beginner, I’d say not to be frightened by failure or being nervous about taking up golf. It’s the only sport where there’s no hiding place, in my opinion, and failing is not failing (it’s a learning curve like no other). If you make a mistake in this game, the key is to improve the technique to prevent the same mistake from happening again. Play the game for long enough, and you should learn to adapt your game accordingly. The more shots you learn, the more successful you’ll become.

Q: What life skills do you believe golf teaches a person?
Life skills for social interaction, whether it be work-related or socially driven, is so important within the game of golf. The professionalism within the game teaches people how to behave, react, and interact like no other sport. In many situations, the younger generation, which I’ve taught over the years, have gone on to further their careers via the social interaction of playing golf with others.

Q: Favourite course that you ever played?
My favourite course in the UK is the Sunningdale Old Course, and in Europe, the Club de Victoria in Vilamoura.

Q: Which course is number one on your bucket list to play / is your dream course to play?
I would love to play at Augusta and win a green jacket!

Q: Who is your favourite Major Champion of all time?
Seve Ballesteros is the best shot maker ever, 100%.

Q: Who would join you in your dream fourball?
My dream fourball would be: me, Seve, Tiger and Sandy Lyle.

Q: Favourite club in the bag?
My best club would be a putter on most days, or the 64-inch wedge.

Q: Best quick golf tip?
Pick a line and commit to it!