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Based at Horne Park


Centre: Horne Park Golf
Contact Number: 07802 728622
Email: [email protected]
Coaching Accreditations: Fully Qualified PGA Golf Coach, PDS accreditation

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Q: What year did you turn professional?
I started my training in 1991 and qualified in 1995.

Q: What can a golfer expect from a lesson with you?
They can expect attention given to them as an individual, in terms of what it is they want to get out of their lessons and what they want to achieve long term. I will make sure we work together to accomplish their goals, and I will identify and fix the problems that might otherwise stop them from achieving the desired results.

Q: What aspect of the game do you specialise in coaching?
I major on bespoke golf plans for the individual player as well as offering group classes that focus on all types of skills within the game.

Q: What was your greatest playing achievement?
Qualifying for the final two rounds of a European Tour event that my home club was hosting and holding two course records felt pretty good too.

Q: What technology do you use in your lessons and how do you believe it helps?
I use TrackMan, which I consider to be a crucial part of coaching. TrackMan provides accurate data, and when combined with video analysis, it can give both the coach and player confidence to proceed with what can be, at times, difficult changes to the golf swing. As the data improves, it’s also quite exciting to see the changes and improvements, which confirms that we’re on the right path.

Q: What three words would best describe you as a coach?
Caring, conscientious and determined.

Q: As a player, what weakness have you struggled with and what did you do to correct it?
I always struggled with a significant ‘re-route,’ if you like, into the start of my downswing – preferring an out-to-in swing path. The most effective change I made was to bring my hands over to the right when holding the club (a strong grip), and work on my clubface throughout the golf swing. Once you close down that clubface, your path will want to naturally improve to support it.

Q: What would you say to a beginner who might be intimidated by / nervous of the idea of taking up golf as a sport?
Just have a go and enjoy yourself! It’s fun learning new things and with us, you are in an environment where you will be made to feel welcome as soon as you arrive.

Q: What life skills do you believe golf teaches a person?
There’s no doubt that golf can bring out the best and the worst in a person and having to deal with yourself in the highs and the lows can teach you a lot about how to do that in your life too. Golf is also a very social game, which can be a challenge for some but l’ve seen how it can help to draw them out in conversation and get involved in other social engagements that have been arranged through contact with others.

Q: Favourite course that you ever played?
Glen Eagles but l think that’s mostly because of the stunning scenery!

Q: Which course is number one on your bucket list to play / is your dream course to play?
I would love to play at St Andrews.

Q: Who is your favourite Major Champion of all time?
Severiano Ballesteros of course.

Q: Who would join you in your dream fourball?
Charley Hull, Rory McIroy and Tiger Woods.

Q: Favourite club in the bag?
I try not to have favourites! But if l had to choose one, it would be the driver.

Q: Best quick golf tip?
Get your fundamentals in place, with the best possible set up you can achieve: grip and arm positioning, alignment, ball position, width of stance, posture and balance. They are all very important and your grip and posture in particular are crucial to get right before you begin to swing that club head back.