MY Golf Academy Putting Studio

Hole more putts, have more fun and seriously improve your scores!

The MY Golf Academy putting studio is at the forefront of putting coaching and putter customisation in the UK. Since opening in March 2010 we have stayed ‘ahead of the game’ by continuously developing and improving the services available to our customers. We guarantee absolute satisfaction and incredible results.

Leading the way in putting coaching

Make the most of what the studio has to offer with our comprehensive 90 minute putting assessment with Paul Williams, our dedicated putting and short game coach. In this session your current performance will be measured from a technical and mindset standpoint. Discover why your success on the greens may be limited and how it can be significantly improved. You will leave this session with your model set up, your putter customised to your requirements and a solid foundation from which your putting skills can be developed.

Putter Customisation – make sure your putter is good for you and your game!

Whether you are new to golf and looking to purchase your first putter or you are an established golfer keen to find out if your putter is performing as best it can, a visit to the studio is a must if you want to perform to your full potential.

Our fitting process will ensure your putter is set up to give you the best ball roll possible with a full customisation of length, loft, lie, grip size and weight.  If you are in the market for a new putter we have in stock all the latest models from Odyssey, Ping and TaylorMade and at market leading prices.

Book your putting assessment or custom fit experience by calling Paul Williams direct on 07515 128228 or complete our contact form.