5 Quick Coaching Tips From Ashley Jefferies

5 Quick Coaching Tips From Ashley Jefferies

Q: If I had just 10 minutes to warm up before a round, I would…..
I see so many golfers turning up to the course carrying the stresses of everyday life with them and this certainly doesn’t help their golf! If you find yourself arriving just 10 minutes before teeing off I honestly think taking a few deep breaths, grabbing some water and taking the time to slow your mind down and relax before teeing off will help!

Q: My favourite putting drill is…..
‘Drag Back’! In this drill you work your way round the putting green with a single ball . Every putt you miss is dragged back away from the hole by 1 full putter length! This drill can very quickly get stressful but I find it encourages great focus and replicates a golf course mindset which is exactly why it works so well – give it a try!

Q: The biggest ‘practice mistakes’ I see on the range are…..
Golfers rushing through hundreds of balls. My advice is to take your time, be mindful of what you are doing and in fact don’t hit so many balls – be intentional. I prefer the ‘little and often’ as a preferred practice style.

Q: The most important stat to track from your golf game is…..
There are lots of valuable stats to keep that vary according to the ability of the golfer. One that I like to encourage club golfers to record relates to keeping the disasters off your card – this is the number one priority. How many double bogeys, number of 3 putts would be the type of stats I ask for – measure and then improve this stat and your score will start to improve!

Q: When I feel under pressure on the course I like to…..
Great question! It’s been proven that deep breathing has a positive chemical reaction in the brain. Have a look on your TV at top performing athletes – when things aren’t going their way and the pressure is on, you’ll often see them taking deep breaths, triggering a reaction from the vagus nerve, which calms the body. Try this over a period of time and you will find your mind is in a better place.