Breaking Scoring Barriers With Lee Wilson

Breaking Scoring Barriers With Lee Wilson

We asked our coaching team what skills a golfer would need to break some significant scoring barriers golfers come across – 100, 90 and 80!

Lee Wilson, Senior PGA Fellow Coach at Horsham Golf, shared his thoughts on these major scoring hurdles!

If you want to reach your next target of breaking 100, 90 or 80 here are a few simple things that need to happen:

  1. 1. Reduce penalty and wasted shots – stop taking 2 chips and leaving the ball in a bunker!
  2. 2. Reduce your 3 putts per round
  3. 3. Hit the ball further
  4. 4. Know your distances to a tee to hit more greens

If You Want To Break 100…

I would recommend that you should focus on TWO critical things:

  1. 1. distance off the tee
  2. 2. accuracy with your mid-short irons

On average a 28 handicapper only hits 11% of greens with a 7-iron compared to 29% with a pitching wedge.

In summary, hit your tee shot further to have a shorter shot in and hit more greens.

If You Want To Break 90…

If you want to break 90, you should focus on improving your short game and recovery play.

On average a 24 handicapper will get up and down 18% of the time compared to 26% for a 17 handicapper.

Increase your skill by creating varied, challenging chipping games while becoming familiar with different lies to save yourself a few shots.

If You Want To Break 80…

If you want to break 80, you should focus on increasing your distance off the tee.

On average a 7 handicapper will hit 256 yards compared to a 14 handicapper who hits on average 236 yards.

The 20 yard gap reduces the club needed to reach to target and vastly improves the chances of hitting the green (41.5% instead of 25.6%).

This is the critical stat to see the score dip under 80 for the first time.

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