Breaking Scoring Barriers
Breaking Scoring Barriers

Breaking Scoring Barriers

We asked our coaching team what skills a golfer would need to break some significant scoring barriers in the season ahead. Here’s advice from Huw Williams, Senior PGA Coach at Horsham Golf.

If You Want To Break 100…

  • Minimising penalty shots off the tee. Find a shot that keeps you in play, even if it means putting the driver away!
  • Eliminate the 3 or more putts! Speed control is crucial here, get sharp with your lag putting to take less putts!
  • Avoid the double chips. Rather than trying to play lots of different shots around the green, focus on one technique that reliably has you putting for you next shot.

If You Want To Break 90…

  • Give yourself 12 par putts a round. Avoid risky attempts at hitting the green on every hole, lay it up and give yourself more looks at pars!
  • Develop a half-swing wedge shot to deal with those ‘inbetween’ shots. Being caught between a chip shot and a full swing is a common occurrence on the course, be sure you have a shot you can use in these scenarios to avoid making big errors!
  • When you get in trouble, just chip it out. Blow-up holes often happen from trying to make up for an error off the tee. Chip it out and focus on making your bogey -18 bogeys would break 90 at Horsham Golf!

If You Want To Break 80…

  • Base your course management decision about avoiding double bogeys! It’s not about more birdies, its about less doubles!
  • Learn where not to hit it! Pay attention to where you would NOT want to miss when going for greens. Not all misses are equal! Getting short sided can lead to a messy double in heartbeat!
  • Greens in regulation. This is the magic number for breaking 80!