Stop Your Slice
Stop Your Slice

Stop Your Slice

Lee Wilson, Senior PGA Coach at Horsham Golf, shares his thoughts on how to stop that dreaded slice!


If you slice the ball then start with this simple correction to your grip.

Often when the top hand is rotated too much towards the target (see below) it causes the clubface to open, which is the biggest reason why I see golfers slice the ball. As you look down on your grip (or into a mirror) aim to see 2.5 – 3 knuckles.

Do you recognise the grip above as your own? Stop if you do! This is a weak, slice orientated grip with barely a knuckle visible at address!

Tip 1 Image

Make sure your grip looks like this! 2.5 to 3 knuckles in view – this grip is not destined to slice the ball!


If you slice the ball, you could make a correction to your club path. If the clubhead travels beyond the ball to target line before you strike the ball there is every chance the club will cut across the ball too much. See the practice station above!


You could make an alteration to how you shift your body pressure. On the backswing you should experience a pressure going into the back foot and then transferring this pressure into the front foot early in the downswing.

Here Are Lee’s Top 3 Tips On How To Add Power And More Length To Your Tee Shots!

  • Strike the centre of the face – mishits cause the most significant distance losses!
  • Make sure you are launching the ball correctly. If it’s too low or too high and you may be losing carry distance. From a spin point of view aim for between 2200 – 2600 rpm – these parameters will vary slightly according to swing speed.
  • Make sure you are pivoting correctly for maximum swing speed creation…see the image and drill below!

This drill is designed to create a full, centred pivot. By applying pressure on the band with my left foot it reduces sway and creates a strong coil for maximum power.